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Kelby Huston Guide for Leather Care

Kelby Huston

Posted on December 20 2021

Leather is an all-time loved material for handbags. Its various features make it a visual treat like varying texture, an intricate shift in hues, beautiful development of patinas over time are some signs that your leather bag is not just a handbag but a partner as daily essentials. When your daily life is involved with a material so versatile and multi-faceted it gets necessary to have basic knowledge about taking care of leather.

Kelby Huston is here to help you out with some everyday care tips for your leather accessories. Taking care of your leather goods begin with consistent day to day care. You can follow some simple care tips to avoid unnecessary damage to your leather bag. These little tips will only help you extend the life of your leather products for years:

• It’s advised not to overfill your leather handbag, wallet or purse as leather has the quality of being stretched and changing shape. Hence, it will only damage the silhouette of your bag.

• It’s necessary to take extra care of your leather products. Take out time consistently to clean the dust and spots from your bag. Choose a soft cloth to gently clean your bag.

• In order to avoid unnecessary scratches, try not wearing your bag with heavily embellished clothes, sharp surfaces or chunky jewellery.

• Wet leather needs extra care, so in case of predicted rain carry an umbrella. Dab the bag immediately to make it dry.

Your existing leather maintenances choices can help you retain its beauty in long term. For instance, consistently polishing your leather can help you maintain its original shine. Little care tips can help you keep your handbag in pristine condition for years. Leather cream is more nourishing, hydrating and preserving agent for your leather bag. A smooth, fine and patent leather must be maintained with a leather cream only. A decent quality cream and conditioner for leather can help you remove light scratches. In case of spot buff scratches and scuffs, a bright coloured polish can be helpful.

If there is any chance that you might want to leave your bag stored for an extended period, it’s advised that wrap the hardware of your bags like zips and clasps in tissue paper to avoid them leaving any unwanted imprint on your bag. Then finally wrap the bag in your dust sack and store it.

Tip: If you don’t have the original dust bag anymore then a white pillowcase can be a great substitute, avoid using a coloured fabric as it might end up transferring the colour.

Coming to the next step, once you have stored your bag make sure it’s not under direct sunlight and artificial source of heat. Don’t hang it, ensure to stand it on its base only.

Let’s quickly take a look at basic do’s and don’ts when we talk about leather products:
• Do consistently clean leather with a soft, white cotton cloth or brush.
• Do air out your leather, consistently.
• Do keep your bag away from moisture.
• Do keep your leather away from heat.
• Do invest in a leather conditioner or polish and use it every 3-6 months
• Do clean spots, stains and scratches with leather cleaner, polish immediately.
• Do only steam cleaner to remove unnecessary build up and disinfect.
• Do patch test any polish, cream, wax on your leather in a hidden spot.
• Don't wash leather products in the washing machine.
• Don't get leather wet.
• Don't keep leather near heating agents like hairdryers, blowers, heaters etc.
• Don’t store sharp accessories inside the bag
• Don’t store loosely closed makeup products in your bag.
• Don't tumble dry leather
• Don't iron leather
• Don't overfill leather bags
• Don’t hand the leather bag for too long on straps.

We hope you have got all the necessary information at Kelby Huston when it’s about storing and using your leather bag carefully. The above-mentioned tips if applied will only increase the life of your leather products. Ensure you apply as many tips as possible regularly. At Kelby Huston, we specialise in leather handbag crafting as well as taking care of the same. In case of any specific query feel free to email your question and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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