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About Us

Kelby Huston is instilled with the importance of true craftsmanship. Immensely inspired by Slow Fashion, Kelby Huston seeks minimalism and simplicity. An Indian brand with a keen eye and curious spirit carries a slightly eccentric streak, Kelby Huston is a go-to for luxury leather.

All products are Handmade with a tag saying “HANDCRAFTED” inside our products to inspire craftsmanship. Such a tag ensures that since they are made with personal attention and energy no two products are the same. Any or every piece you purchase is unique.

While working on the foundations of Kelby Huston it was made sure that leather is sourced from trusted, reputed vendors all the way from Argentina. To create premium leather products with mesmerising textures, finishing that’s timeless. Kelby Huston is a promise of mindful age-old art by a true artisan.

Kelby Huston got the wind under the wings after working with many manufacturers for more than a year until it found the perfect desired leather, the perfect quality and the perfect craftsmanship. Like diamonds are made under great pressure, Kelby Huston products are a result of various trails of technique, design and pattern. The best was achieved when the errors were furnished into perfection. Kelby Huston is an ambitious leather brand formed out of passion and obsession. When you choose Kelby Huston products you receive carefully curated goods with utmost attention taking care of the smallest detail. We create minimal yet statement-making goods that redefine handmade art. The right kind of leather promises an edgy look that imprints its footprints forever. We work with a team of seasoned artisans that offer excellent skills.

Kelby Huston is a conceptualized brand that’s built to last. We believe in exclusive, handmade and premium leathercraft. We commit to excellence forever.

"It gives me immense pride to produce some quality goods into the lives of people that can be passed like heirlooms,".

Keshav Munjal, the founder of Kelby Huston lives with a passion for the excellent curation of leather goods. Whether as a user or seller the commitment stays the same.

Being in love with leather goods all my life inclined me towards this dream project, Kelby Huston. Intrigued with the best quality leather and creation of the best goods with it the monomaniacal objective behind this venture. My search for nothing but the best leather products leads to the formation of Kelby Huston.

With Kelby Huston, my singular endeavour is to create thoughtfully designed products with excellent quality leather.